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“I want to bring professional, principled conservative leadership to NIC. I am a fiscally conservative person. I understand what other conservatives want and what is needed. I am here to bring those wants and needs to reality.” - Pete Broschet

Pete Broschet wants to continue representing you on the NIC Board of Trustees.

  • Professional, principled conservative leadership

  • Decades working in the manufacturing industry

  • Fiscally conservative

  • Maintains strong family values

  • Student-focused

  • Believes the taxpayers deserve better representation

Vote for Pete Broschet
Zone 5 North Idaho College Trustee
on Tuesday, November 8th

Conservative Support, Professional Leadership

  • Accreditation Concerns - If NIC were to lose its accreditation status the impact to the college and community would be devastating. Students would no longer be able to access Federal financial aid, credits would not transfer to accredited colleges and universities, and the college would not be able to award certificates or degrees to name a few of the consequences. Since being appointed to the NIC Board of Trustees, I have worked to address the following recommendations by the Northwest Commission of Colleges and Universities for NIC to resume full accreditation status.

I actively participated in the interview process for all Presidential candidates.

Voted to hire Dr. Nick Swayne as the current NIC President.

Assisted in revising the Board of Trustees Conduct Policy and voted to pass the policy.

The college is currently working to fill key executive level leadership positions (Vice President or Higher) as required by the commission. The work of the board of trustees must be diligent and continue if the college is to ensure its full accreditation into the future.

  • Student Focused - As a comprehensive Community College NIC is student focused. This focus is demonstrated in the various programs and educational options the college offers. Students may choose to attend NIC and complete the first two years of a four-year degree (transfer student), attend classes that leads to a certificate or associate degree in a technical training area (career technical education), attend a short-term training course or a longer apprenticeship program (workforce training), complete their GED or improve their basic education skills (Adult Basic Education).

I am concerned about the current downward trend in enrollment. Part of the decline is the strong economy and availability of good paying jobs. I will be a strong voice for ensuring the college explores various options to increase enrollment and will be supportive of Dr. Swayne as he leads his staff in their recruitment efforts. As a trustee, I have, and will continue to make decisions based upon what is good for students.

“We need more conservative support on the board, but we don’t need to the point where we are fighting with the education community. We don’t need a board that is fighting itself for two and a half hours every meeting. I did that for a while. It’s a total waste of time and it’s against everything our community stands for. We have to find a way to find leadership that brings people together. Pete comes from industry. He represents the private sector. Pete will be a great addition to the board.” - Ron Nilson

  • College Focused - During this time of rising home values and increased costs, being able to attract qualified experienced faculty, staff, and administrator has become very difficult. Ensuring the college offers a competitive wage is important. Keeping the college budget within reason is also important. As a fiscal conservative we must look for ways to attract quality employees to the college while not increasing the burden to taxpayers and students.

As difficult decisions are being made, I will ensure that the various stake holders have a voice. I will never vote to discontinue the public testimony or the reports to the board by the various employee/student groups. The only way the college can effectively function is to work as a team that is focused on what is best for the college.

  • Community Focused - The economic impact by NIC to Kootenai County is one of the largest in the region. NIC has and will continue to be a college that responds to the needs of the community. As employers have either come to the region or expanded their work forces, NIC has created or modified programs to meet those needs. I will encourage NIC to continue to work with and develop relationships with CDA Area Economic Development, Kootenai Health, Ground Force and other employers. As a trustee I intend to be a link between the business community and the college.

A priority of mine is to make fiscal decisions based upon what is best for the taxpayer and students after hearing the facts during the budget process. Keeping a balance between local property taxes, student tuition, and the state appropriation is important. Every year each of these funding sources change. As a trustee, my job is to listen and make decisions based upon the data and what is best for the community at that point in time. For example, I recently voted not to take foregone taxes after listening to the pros and cons and asking questions for clarification.

  • Facilities - The citizens of the County are very fortunate to have one of the most beautiful college campuses in the country. The college hosts numerous community activities such as Art on the Green, CDA Summer theater, and Athletic events. Past board of trustees and administrator have had a vision for the future by purchasing available land and building facilities that will serve the college and community well into the future. As a trustee, I had the pleasure of voting to purchase the Fort Ground Tavern property. NIC had previously purchased property adjacent to the tavern and securing this piece of land provides more flexibility as to how the area can be developed as part of the college campus. The Parker Technical Center and Meyers Health Science Center house state of the art labs, shops, and classrooms. Trustees must be stewards of the campus and ensure that the resources are allocated to properly maintain and secure the buildings and grounds. The taxpayers of the county have invested in the college for years and ensuring it is well maintained and accessible to the community is imperative.

  • Role of the Board - The role of a community college Board of Trustees in the state of Idaho is stated in state statute. There are three components. 1) Hire and evaluate the College President, 2) Establish the college budget, and 3) Create and approve policies as appropriate. The trustee’s role is not to micromanage the college or the college personnel. Day-to-day management of the college is the responsibility of the administration. For the board to function effectively, trustees should not have personal agendas. They must find ways to resolve differences for the good of the institution, not allowing them to become obstacles of progress. As a trustee I will always behave with integrity, professionalism, and civility. I will be truthful and honest. My goal as a trustee is to listen, learn and vote based upon what I have heard and learned. My decisions will be data based and will be driven by what is best for the people impacted.

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